Protect Your Trademarks and IP On ShortDot’s Domain Extensions
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What is ShortBlock?
ShortBlock is a defensive domain blocking product owned and operated by ShortDot; the registry operator for .icu, .bond, .cyou, .cfd, and .sbs. ShortBlock restricts unauthorized third parties from registering domain names containing trademark names and variations of trademark names on ShortDot’s domain extensions.
  • Protects brands and trademark holders against fraudulent registrations from those looking to profit from trademarks and IP.
  • Protects brands and trademark holders against revenue and reputation damage that could be caused by fraudsters using brand names in distaste or with negative sentiments.
  • Protects brands and trademark holders from cybersquatters by covering the registrations of premium domains, homonyms, and IDNs.
ShortBlock for Trademark Holders
Complete Transparency
Trademark holders paying extra for the homonym upgrade will get to see which variations of their marks are getting blocked.
Systematic Process
Only trademark holders will be allowed to block their marks and IP’s on ShortDot’s extensions. This is will help avoid multiple people from paying to block the same mark.
Register Marks
Trademark holders will have the option to register their marks and IP's after the blocking period is over.
Universal Block
Every mark will be blocked on all of ShortDot’s extensions, even if more marks are acquired throughout the registration term. This gives Registrars’ peace of mind as they know that their clients’ mark is protected at ShortDot across all the registry’s extensions.
ShortBlock for Brand Protection Registrars
Total Defense
Protect your clients' marks across all of ShortDot's extensions.
More Value
ShortBlock is a value added service offering for your existing product offering.